Export Seed Words

Liker Land app wallet can finally export seed words

Starting in April 2022, users can export seed words from Liker ID registered through the general method (with Authcore) and import them into, for example, Keplr, to manage their LikeCoin.

Before exporting the seed words, please note:

  • Ensure that your network and surrounding environment are secure.

  • Scan the computer you are using for viruses to ensure it is free from viruses or Trojans.

Export Seed Words from a Desktop Computer

Step 1: Go to the URL for exporting seed words

Use a desktop computer to visit https://like.co/in/widget/authcore/seedwords, and click "Accept" on the warning message.

Step 2: Reauthenticate your identity

Click "Press to reauthenticate".

Step 3: Re-login to Liker Land

Log in to Liker Land with Keplr or Liker Land app.

Or Click "Switch to legacy interface" to log in to Liker Land with your email and password, or use any social profile login.

Step 4: Enter your Authcore password

Enter your login password and click "Show Seed Words".

Step 5: Copy the seed words

Click "Copy" to copy the seed words.

Export Seed Words from the Liker Land App

Step 1: Start exporting the wallet seed words

Click on Settings in the lower right corner, then click "Export Seed Words".

Step 2: Acknowledge the warning

Click "Confirm", and the system will prompt you to log in to your account again.

Step 3: Enter your Authcore password

Enter the password again and click "Confirm".

Step 4: Display the seed words

Click "Copy" to copy them to another location.

You can then import the seed words into Keplr, Cosmostation, Leap, or other wallets that support the Cosmos ecosystem.

Import wallet into KeplrImport wallet into CosmostationImport wallet into Cosmostation appImport wallet into Leap

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