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LikeCoin Token

What is a LikeCoin token?
Archived on 2022/08/18. Information is out of date.
LikeCoin token is usually called LikeCoin for short, it is the de facto token in Liker Land. LikeCoin has the following usage:
  • Decentralized Publishing: Register ISCN, pay GAS fee and the cost for the application service provider.
  • Transactions: Buy products and services from the community via LIKE pay, for example services from Matters Market or payments in general
  • Governance: Representing the contribution and thus voting power of a Liker. The more contribution a Liker makes, the more LikeCoin she receives and the more influential power she has in the community.
  • Bridging with other communities and the traditional world: LikeCoin can be exchanged into and from Stable Coin, Bitcoin,, TWD, HKD and other traditional and crypto currencies. The ticker of LikeCoin is LIKE in crypto exchanges.