Creators Fund

Creators Fund aims to encourage content consumers to reward creators by giving "likes" via the LikeCoin button and Civic Liker subscription

Creator's reward consists of two parts: Civic Liker Stake Reward and Creators Fund.

The funding source for the Creators Fund is the LikeCoin community pool. The monthly budget is roughly matched with the stake reward generated by all Civic Likers in the previous month. The more you stake, the larger the budget that can be spent on rewarding creativity. Creation Funds are distributed daily at approximately 12:00 GMT+8.

Free Likers can also contribute by distributing a small amount of funds to the creators.

The usage of the fund will be regularly reviewed by the Creators Fund Committee, established under proposal #23 of LikeCoin DAO.

Additionally, you can refer to the Creation Fund Status Review for more information.

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