Next community meeting: 2020.05.11 (Mon)

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics

(Difference from 2020.04.27)

Last week

This week

  • Work on IPFS access for the ISCN module

michael (Developer)

Last week

  • Add basic checking of spamming click like action

  • Add auto recovery on skipping sequence on LikeCoin chain transaction

This week

  • Migrate all Elasticsearch instance from Elastic Cloud to AWS hosted

  • POC on how to integrate Liquid Quick Exchange widget

William (Full Stack Developer)

Last week

  • Added g0v.json in our portal and doc repo

  • Added more time parsing support for major websites in our feed

  • Added patch to stop auto verifying invalid email which lower our domain reputation

This week

  • Fix LIKE pay issue found by matters pay

  • Work on liker land app, liker.land, like.co and oice crisp migration

  • Prepare LikeCoin SDK/API sharing next week

  • Will start working on super like PoC if have time

David Ng (Frontend Developer)

Last Week

App Development

  • Statistics feature

    • Optimized the scrollview of both rewarded screen and supported screen to show more list items for small devices

    • Refactored common logic between rewards screen and supported screen

    • Addressed unknown content source

This Week

App Development

  • Hide less active validators to inner screen

  • Add sign in for other websites

  • Prepare open beta release of the app

edmond (Operations & Marketing)


  • There are 3 million Taiwan readers (MAU), which is two-third of the total, double to HK readers.

  • Taiwan Likers MAU is around 47K only, there is a lot of room to be improved.

  • HKCNews Facebook AD performance: CPA HKD 40, not bad; but with very high frequency (>14) which means the ad cannot be used for long.

Last week

  • Another A/B test for Civic Liker engagement has been carried out

  • Will continue to test the 3 winning messages in the past two weeks this week.

This week

  • Matters is going to integrate the utm tags for Civic Liker acquisition this week so that we can keep track of it’s conversion performance as well

  • Promotion of Likerthon, vocus.cc and Liker Land statistics feature

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)

Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Designed options of LikeButton

This week

  • Will finalize the LikeButton design

Aludirk (System Architect)

Last week

  • Upgrading IPFS to v0.5.0 for implementing ISCN IPLD plugin

This week

  • Work on ISP for article

  • Work on LikeCoin chain ISCN spec

  • Work on ISCN IPLD plugin to implement ISCN spec on LikeCoin chain

ckxpress (Product Designer)

  • sharing on projects comparable with LikeCoin: Coil, Scroll, BAT, Cent, Sapien

  • working on LikeCoin purchase flow for Civic Liker

  • partnered with Matters and received Google News Initiative Award

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