Manage NFT eBooks

Managing Published NFT eBooks

After the book is published, if you would like to understand the sales overview or make more settings, you can use the Manage NFT Books. In addition to the settings for listing NFT eBooks, it also provides various additional management functions.

Go to the LikeCoin NFT Book Press website, click "Manage NFT Books", after entering the website, click "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner to connect to Keplr."

NFT Book Listing - Current Listing

Current Listing displays the NFT eBooks that are currently listed. Select one of them and manage it.

NFT Book Status

NFT Book Status [Book Title] shows the NFT eBook being managed.

  • Status - Pending Action shows how many items are still pending

  • Orders - Shows how many orders there are

  • Gift Books - Click on Gift Books in the upper right corner to gift the NFT eBook to others:

    1. Gift edition - Choose which version of the NFT eBook to gift

    2. Default Recipient Name - is the name of the default recipient

    3. Default Gift Message - is the default message to the recipient

    4. Gift Giver’s Name - Name of the person giving the book

    5. Upload Recipient List CSV file - Click "Download CSV Template" to download CSV format file, fill in Email (required), Wallet (optional), Recipient name (optional. If filled in, it will override the content of Default Recipient Name), Message (optional. If filled in, it will override the content of Default Gift Message), and then click "Choose File" to upload

    6. After the upload is completed, you can check the content in Recipients to see if it is correct, then click "Confirm" to send out the NFT eBook.

  • Sales Channel Summary - View the summary from various different sales channels.

  • Coupon Codes - Set up various kind of coupons:

    1. Coupon Code - Set the name of the coupon

    2. Discount Multiplier - Range of Discount. For example, 10% is a 10% discount

    3. Expiry Date - The end date of the offer

    4. After setting up, click "Add" to add the coupon.

  • Copy Purchase Link - Set up the purchase link

    1. Price - Choose a version of the NFT eBook

    2. Sales channel for this link - Enter a name, set up an exclusive purchase link for your sales channel to promote

    3. Copy Purchase Link - Click "Copy Purchase Link" to copy the exclusive link for the sales channel

    4. Purchase Link QR Code - Click "Download" to download the QR Code of the exclusive link

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