How to be a Civic Liker

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Before becoming a Civic Liker, please register a Liker ID.
Users stake at least 5,000 LIKE to the “Civic Liker node”, with a wallet address bind with a Liker ID can become a Civic Liker. All delegation rewards from the Civic Liker node will be distributed to creators in the form of LIKE. There is no need to use the delegation principle, and only the delegation rewards can turn likes into income.
Based on the current commission rate of about 15%, the monthly rewards that 5000 LIKE can generate is equal to 5000*0.15/12 = 62.5 LIKE, which is about US$1.5 per month at the current exchange rate. The more to delegate, the more Likes to turn into actual income.
Please note that there is no "Ranking" system for Civic Liker, and the only effect of delegating more LikeCoin is rewarding more to the creators:
  • Every clap on the LikeCoin button by a Civic Liker will be equivalent to 1 LikeCoin.
  • The stake reward derived by Civic Liker delegation every day will be distributed to the creators according to the 1 clap to the LikeCoin button = 1 LIKE principle
  • The unused staking reward can be accumulated until the account balance is used up
Civic Liker not only can distribute the delegation rewards, but also distribute the Creators Fund. The influence of clicking the LikeCoin button on the allocation of funds will vary with the delegation amount. Stake more, reward more, and have greater power to vote in LikeCoin DAO and for Creators Fund distribution.

Become a Civic Liker by delegating with

Step 1: Login

Go to and select Keplr Browser Extension, Cosmostation Browser Extension or Authcore to login to the wallet address bind with a Liker ID

Step 2: Select Civic Liker node

Click "Validators" on the left hand side menu, then click "All" in the upper right corner, look for the Civic Liker node and click it.

Step 3: Stake

Click "Stake" in the upper right corner of the Civic Liker node to delegate.

Step 4: Decide how much to stake

The Stake page appears, enter the amount of LikeCoin you want to delegate, and click "Next".

Step 5: Confirm the amount and gas fee

After confirming that the amount and gas fee are correct, click "Next".

Step 6: Check your delegation

Confirmation is required. Keplr and Cosmostation users will need to approve a pop-up box to confirm it after clicking "Send". Authcore users directly click "Send".
After the Send and confirming screen appears, Successfully staked! appears, which means the delegation is successfully completed.
Click "Portfolio" on the left hand side menu, and you can see "You Stake" showing the successful delegation to the Civic Liker node.

Become a Civic Liker by delegating with the Liker Land app

For details, please refer to Delegate via Liker Land, and select the Civic Liker node to delegate.
Civic Liker will take effect within 24 hours after the delegation is completed.
If the user has already delegated to another validator, please redelegate instead of undelegate, otherwise you will need to wait for a 21-days cooling-off period before you can use the funds again.