How to be a Civic Liker

Supporting content creator is easy

Before becoming a Civic Liker, please register a Liker ID.

Step 1:Target your favourite content creator

You can support your content creator starting from the following:

  • Click on the "Become a Civic Liker" button on the content creator's LikeCoin button

If you click on the "Become a Civic Liker" on the Liker Land web frontpage which means you are supporting the LikeCoin foundation directly.

Step 2: Select the amount to support

A brief introduction of Civic Liker and the content creator's avatar appears, click the "+" to change the amount to support. If you do not want to change it just click on "Subscribe now".

Choose the monthly supporting amount, now is 5 USD/mo, 20 USD/mo and 100 USD/mo. The amount deducting the credit card transaction fee will be exchanged to LikeCoin and support the creator. Choose the amount to support and click "Next".

Step 3: Confirm your subscription

Confirm the content creator and the amount that you would like to support, click "Confirm".

Step 4: Fill in your credit card information

Fill in your credit card information and then click "subscribe / 訂閱".

Step 5: Becoming a Civic Liker

After completing the previous step, a pop-up appears saying that "You have become the Civic Liker of [Content Creator name]".

You can also go to his/her Portfolio Page and check out that you are "Supporting" him/her.

Step 6: Manage Civic Liker Subscription

Login in Liker Land web and select "Civic Liker'' on the menu right hand side, you can manage payment methods and check your billing history. You can also check out who you are supporting and change the monthly supporting amount, click "Edit".

Select the new amount to support and click confirm.

Changes made will be effective on the next billing date, please note the money paid for previous and current subscription will not be refunded.