Edmond (Operations & Marketing)


  • Civic Liker: 6 new registrations
  • Total app download (last 7d): 182 (-12%)
  • The most updated WP active installations: 1222

Last week

  • HKCNews joined to test out Super Like
  • Another new Ad from Madkids is ready for promotion
  • Continue to test and feed back app releases
  • Confirmed with Matters for Super Like feature integration. It will be ready for production on or before 26 Aug, except the features of "Writers view" and "Count down text indication"
  • Confirmed Super Like app release date at 7 Sep and the minimal scope for the release
  • Reached out to core Likers for focus group testing and also for user engagement by email news letter. The campaign scored 44.2% open rate and 6.5% click rate for 300 audiences.
  • Social Media (executed by community helper Daisy)
    • Facebook engagement rate 5% with 700 reach, Appledaily interview was up to 8% engagement rate and 1.3K reach.
    • Gitbook
      • Translated Super Like additional Content
      • Added LikeCoin button tutorial for ghost and TIMELOG
      • Rewrote Reset Password section
      • Crisp setting bugs finding

This week

  • (on leave for two weeks until Sep 4)
  • Facebook Ad promotion
  • Provide product text

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics

(Difference from 2020.08.17)

Last week

  • Review ISCN technical design, added some test cases
  • Some scripts for internal usage

This week

  • Investigate new Cosmos Ledger app
  • New Ethereum gas mechanism for token migration

William (Full Stack Developer)

Last week

  • Completed first version of matters integration in WordPress plugin, will let the team test, will improve upon feedback and further design
  • Wrote web tools to support observing market status of new exchange listing
  • Improved the speed of bookmarking in liker land app by refactoring API.
  • Improved the speed of liker land app resume/login by refactoring async API.
  • Fixed a referrer issue causing stand news like count to reset, worked on a mitigation related to this issue regarding our url metadata crawler

This week

  • Work on mitigation of high gas price and Metamask breaking change in LikeCoin chain migration site
  • Work on error handling and feedback in WordPress plugin.
  • Fix pending bug found in super like testing
  • Work on tools for scheduled super like.

David Ng (Frontend Developer)

Last Week

  • Liker Land app
    • Combined identical sources of Super Like feed

This Week

  • Liker Land app
    • Release 0.19.0 (221) for beta testing
    • Release 0.18.5
    • Add followers count in profile tab
    • Add content read flag
  • LikeCoin button
    • Add creator view
    • Add /about page
    • Fix mobile navigation menu

Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Discussed the minimal features for Super Like launch, also the roll out schedule
  • Supplemented LikeCoin Button UI for non-Civic Liker
  • Uploaded promotion materials to Notion, also LikeCoin colour palettes

This week

  • Will complete the Super Like feature image design
  • Will design Chinese version for the liquid democracy info graphic
  • Will upload branding materials to Notion

Phoebe (Business Development)

ckxpress (Civic Liker)

On Governance

On evangelism and others