One-Click Collect All Writing NFT

For both desktop and mobile

Using the One-Click Collect All feature allows users to purchase all Writing NFTs from a single creator at once, with an automatic filtering feature to prevent duplicate purchases of previously acquired NFTs.

Step 1: Login to your wallet and initiate One-Click Collect

Please log in to your Keplr, Cosmostation, Leap, Keplr mobile, Cosmostation app or Liker Land app. Then, on the creator's Bookshelf, click "Collect All".

Step 2: Check your backpack

The backpack page will appear. If you already own NFTs from the creator, the system will automatically exclude those owned NFTs and only display the ones you have not collected before. You can also click the "X" to remove any NFTs you don't wish to purchase.

Once you have finished checking, click "Checkout by LIKE" or "Checkout by card".

Step 3: Confirm purchase

Checkout by LIKE

Using Keplr as an example, a pop-up window will appear, and you can click "Approve" to confirm your purchase. The Cosmostation, Leap, Keplr Mobile, Cosmostation app, or Liker Land mobile application will also display the respective confirmation screens.

Checkout by card

Enter your email and credit card information, then click "Pay".

Step 4: Check your NFT Collection

Checkout by LIKE

The Collect NFT page will appear.

After the payment is successful, you can view the purchased NFT by clicking "View Portfolio".

Checkout by card

After the payment is successful, the "Collection NFT" page will appear. You can view the purchased NFT by clicking "View the NFT".

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