LikeCoin Weekly Progress Updates.

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics

(difference from 2020-04-13)

Last week

  • Working on record structure and entities (authors, licenses, etc) related transactions on the ISCN module of LikeCoin chain

This week

  • Continue on entities related transactions

michael (Developer)

Previous week

  • Try to fix too much contention error in firestore in cloud functions

  • Add Crisp integration for the scripts that update user data to email campaign service

  • Handle issue that some Crisp API could overwrite original data

This week

  • Add utm param in Civic Liker funnel for analysis

  • Fix dataflow stuck issue when calculating Civic Liker rewards and prepare documentation for this work flow

William (Full Stack Developer)

Last week

  • Did a public zoom sharing on our experience on using Github actions

  • Testing and debug on deep link generation, mostly ready but some changes are suggested by Edmond and Joshua, will implement it later. Will wait for app statistic screen release before starting app referral bonus test

  • Mapped phoebe's new site to about.like.co, will redirect like.co to this info site after it is ready.

  • Added facebook SDK into liker land app for ad analytics purpose.

  • Worked on LIKE pay widget update and security functions for matters to develop matters pay on top of it. Also updated related docs to docs.like.co. Discovered some bugs related to logging multi-send message on LikeCoin chain.

  • Worked on some new SEO feature via json+ld in liker.land & civic liker page

This week

  • Will work on fixing LikeCoin chain multi-send tx log issue

  • Will work on the liker land app referral bonus changes proposed by product designer

  • Will work on reviewing public APIs we have and complete related documentation. This is done in preparation for LikeCoin hackathon (Likerathon?)

  • Will research Super Like PoC if have time left.

David Ng (Frontend Developer)

Last Week

App Development

  • Statistics Feature

    • Resolved statistics app state update not reflected in UI

    • Resolved production app crash due to Storybook

    • Added empty state UI

This Week

App Development

  • Statistics Feature

    • Testing and fix bugs

  • Add sign in for other websites

  • Hide less active validators to inner screen

edmond (Operations & Marketing)


  • 69 new Civic Liker registrations, which is the 3rd declining week since since Mar 23 with peak of 116.

  • FB ad CPA = HKD 79. Several experiments have been done:

    • The conversion of the Standnews ad is not effective for Taiwan user, the CPA is unreasonably high (HKD 330).

    • Tried several countries which shows good conversion rate in Google analytics, including Canada, Australia, Ireland, Macau and Malta. CPA is 81.32 after the Ad is running for 4 days. The conversion rate went down and still not bad (> 2.5%).

  • New Liker ID registration presents mild increasing trend (moving average 2223.8 this week)

  • Daily active Likers (current MAU 11089) presented a down trend in the past 14 days but daliy active Civic Likers (current MAU 673) is increasing.

  • New downloads

    • Android: 143 (+2%)

    • iOS: 123 (- 20%)

Last week

  • Work with InMedia for creators with Liker ID but have not added LikeCoin button yet.

  • Work on Q2 promotion. Discussed with Raymond for new campaign idea, worked on the plan as below:

  • Social Media (executed by community helper Daisy)

    • This week Facebook page reach 1115 which is higher than the previous week 1028 but engagement rate dropped to 4% while last week was 5%.

    • Leisure content of Animal Crossing post was popular with page reach 1920 and engagement rate 7%, technical related posts such as Liquid Democracy and GitHub Action were of 3% engagement rate only. The next mission is to make technical post easier to understand.

This week

  • Start new Facebook campaign test for

    • Readers retention

    • App download creatives A/B test

  • Update Standnews, HKCNews and InMedia about the new product plan

  • Promote Matters activity

  • Prepare promotion related to Likerthon

  • Resume Liker Land/LikeCoin button A/B test

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)

  • Likerthon promotion plan and content

  • Website revamp

  • Provided supplementary information to the SIE Fund application

  • Community meeting will move to Jitsi next week

  • LikeCoin will host sharing sessions on every Wed in the next four weeks

Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • After discussions, we decided to revamp the LikeButton badge as the frist application for Super Like

  • Drew sketches for the next version of LikeButton badge

  • Designed scenario for the first time uses of Liker Land app, in order to allow users input their referee manually

  • Updated our Presskit (v1.2)

This week

  • Continue on developing the LikeButton badge

  • Will confirm the details of referral program with team

Aludirk (System Architect)

Last week

  • Finalized ISP #1~#5

  • Work on LikeCoin chain ISCN spec

  • Refactor the civic liker analyzer and prepare some documentation for non-tech to use

This week

  • Work on ISCN specs, schema & IPLD, ISP #6 (article type content metadata)

  • Release ISCN spec

  • Work on LikeCoin chain ISCN spec

ckxpress (Product Designer)

  • Conducted a sharing on Status as a Service, as background knowledge for executing the plan to build Liker Land as a form of social network

  • Further asking around for advisors' and friends' opinion on Liker Land, fine-tuning the design

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