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Liker Land - Explore the Metaverse and connect to Web3

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Liker Land is the user interface of LikeCoin, offering various functions to integrate decentralized identity, participate in decentralized publishing, and manage your LikeCoin assets. It helps users explore the metaverse and connect to Web3.

Decentralized Identity

In the Web3 world, a wallet address serves as a crucial credential for your identity. Liker Land assists you in creating a dedicated wallet address and navigating the Metaverse.

Manage LikeCoin Assets

Liker Land functions as a crypto wallet, allowing you to check, receive, and transfer LikeCoin at any time. You can also delegate LikeCoin to earn delegation rewards.

Participate in Decentralized Publishing

You can browse and collect the latest Writing NFTs, ranging from books to works of all kinds.

With Liker Land, you can also conveniently browse's World Feed content from anywhere, at any time. On websites that support the LikeCoin button, readers can easily post content to the decentralized social media platform and the blockchain with just one click. This ensures that valuable content is permanently recorded and widely shared.

Participate in Civic Liker

Use Liker Land to participate in the Civic Liker campaign and reward exceptional content. By delegating a minimum of 5,000 LikeCoin to the "Civic Liker node," you can become a Civic Liker. The daily rewards generated by the "Civic Liker node" are distributed through claps via the LikeCoin button, providing rewards to content creators without relying on the delegation principle.

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