Liker Land

Explore the Metaverse and connect to Web3
Liker Land is the user interface of LikeCoin, with functions to integrate decentralized identity, participate in decentralized publishing and manage your LikeCoin asset, help users explore the metaverse and connect to Web3.

Decentralized Identity

A wallet address is the important credential for your identity in the Web3 world. Liker Land can help you create a dedicated wallet address and surf the Metaverse.

Manage LikeCoin Assets

Liker Land acts as a crypto wallet, allowing you to check, receive and transfer LikeCoin at any time. You can also delegate LikeCoin to get delegation rewards.

Participate in Decentralized Publishing

Browse the's World Feed content anywhere, anytime with Liker Land. On the website that supports LikeCoin button, readers can post content to the decentralized social media and to the blockchain with one click, so that good content can be permanently recorded and spread widely.

Participate in Civic Liker

Use Liker Land to participate in Civic Liker and reward good content. Delegate at least 5,000 LikeCoin to the "Civic Liker node" to become a Civic Liker. The daily rewards generated by the "Civic Liker node" will be distributed by clap via the LikeCoin button and rewards to the content creators, without using the delegation principle.