LikeCoin branding and design assets

  • All logos file are in RGB mode . For CMYK / Pantone please refer to the color library.

  • License: CC BY

Identity of LikeCoin

The LikeCoin

Coin with Logotype (on light Background)

Coin with logotype (on dark background)

The LikeCoin (mono on light Background)

The LikeCoin (mono on dark Background)

Coin with Logotype (mono on light Background)

Coin with Logotype (on dark background)

Identity of Liker Land

Liker Land (on light background)

Liker Land (on dark background)

Liker Land Icon

Liker Land (mono on light background)

Liker Land (mono on dark background)

Identity of ISCN


ISCN (colors on dark background)

ISCN (mono on dark background)

ISCN (mono on light background)

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