Trade in Emeris

Cross-Chain DEX aggregator, registration not required, immediate trade

Archived on 2022/06/14.

The Emeris DEX withdrew from the Gravity DEX protocol of the Cosmos Hub in April 2022 and re-upgrade and reorganized it into Crescent DEX. Users who have provided liquidity in the Emeris ATOM/LIKE liquidity pool please get back your tokens as soon as possible before April 26.

On November 23, 2021, Likers can access LIKE in a permissionless and frictionless way with Cross-Chain DEX aggregator Emeris. For instance, swap LIKE to different listed tokens on Emeris (or vice versa). Registration is not required and no minimum deposit or withdrawal limit. Users can operate with their wallet all the way down, and experience decentralized trading.

You will have to use Keplr to login to Emeris. If you are used to managing your LikeCoin on Liker Land wallet, you will have to deposit them to Keplr and login to Emeris.

Step 1: Register

Register a Liker ID with Keplr.

pageRegister a Liker ID with Keplr

Step 2: Deposit

Deposit LikeCoin to Keplr.

pageKeplr Browser Extension Wallet

Step 3: Connect Emeris

Go to the Emeris website, click the top right hand corner "Connect wallet".

On Connect your wallet, click "Connect Keplr".

On the top right hand corner of the Portfolio page, your walet username and the total amount of portfolio shown. You can click on it and click "Disconnect wallet" at any time.

Step 4: Swap

On the right hand side of the Portfolio page, select the currencies that you would like to swap, for example the below indicated that swapping ATOM to LIKE.

You can also click the 3 dots on the right hand side of the word swap to adjust the slippage tolerance.

If everything is fine, click "Review" to continue.

Step 5: Review the swap details

On Review your swap details page, click on the amount to transact, Min. received if 100% swap, Limite price, Transaction fee and Swap Fee. If everything is OK, click "Confirm and continue".

On Keplr pop-up screen, click "Approve" to continue.

After the trade, on Portfolio page you can check out the changes of your assets.

Step 6: Withdraw Funds

You can withdraw or send funds with the following ways:

  • Use the Send to address function on Emeris to send funds to other wallet address.

  • User the Move Assets function on Emeries to move assets between chains.

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