Gift an NFT eBook

Gifting an NFT e-book to friends or family

The NFT eBook gifting feature is only applicable for credit card payments. The steps for sending the book are as follows:

Step 1: Start Sending:

Go to the e-book’s page and click "Gift".

Step 2: Fill in Details

A pop-up window will appear for sending the eBook. Fill in the recipient’s email address, their name, a personalized message, and your signature. Then click "Checkout".

Step 3: Credit Card Payment

The Stripe page will appear. Enter your email and credit card information, then click "Pay". The purchase price of the NFT eBook in fiat currency is calculated based on the market price, exchange fee, and credit card handling fee.

Step 4: Successfully Gifted

After successfully sending the NFT eBook, you’ll see a thank-you page.

The recipient will receive an email notification. Once they claim the book, you’ll also receive an email notification.

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