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​Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics

(Difference from 2020.07.06)

Last week

  • Upgrade Cosmos SDK
    • Use Protobuf to replace Amino
    • Working on Protobuf prototype

This week

  • Continue Protobuf prototype

​William (Full Stack Developer)

Last week

  • Implement lock and ban rules for VPN spammers, updated daily campaign sender script to better block spammers.
  • Fixed some bug in CSP rules, likerland bookmark and follow, elasticsearch timezone formatting and register API avatar error.
  • Added params to analysis WordPress active installations
  • Working on civic liker purchase with LIKE, finished web user flow
  • Refactoring civic liker purchase api to integrate purchase with LIKE
  • Talked with matters on WordPress plugin update

This week

  • Finish purchase civic liker with LIKE
  • Start work on WordPress plugin
  • Continue to monitor spam issue
  • Work on App referral UX on app
  • Work on Super like support services if needed
  • Migrate to typescript if have spare time

​David Ng (Frontend Developer)

Last Week

  • LikeCoin button
    • Migrated bookmark APIs
    • Integrating follow APIs
  • Liker Land app
    • Implemented notification UI
  • Integrated Liquid Quick Exchange widget to

This Week

  • Add logging for Liquid Quick Exchange widget
  • LikeCoin button
    • Integrate follow APIs
  • Liker Land app
    • Integrate Supe Liked list and notification related API

​Edmond (Operations & Marketing)


Open data of Civic Liker

Last week

  • Consolidated the mailchimp list
  • Written an article to promote Super Like
  • Finished a post (created by Madkids) for Super Like storytelling. Should keep a pace of 1 post/week
  • Finished the public data presentation on Google Data Studio
  • Social Media (executed by community helper Daisy)
    • Facebook engagement rate was 5% and reach was 1078, both metics higher than the previous week.
    • Liker Land App visual got the highest reach of 4425 and 5% engagement rate.

This week

  • Work on Google Ad
  • Review Civic Liker retention campaign on Crisp
  • Super Like Storytelling
  • Civic Liker expiration UI flow review

​Phoebe (Community & Business Development)

  • Hosted quarterly team meeting last week
  • Explore Q3, Q4 funding opportunities
  • Continue drive token listing arrangement with a potential new exchange
  • Quick Exchange widget release arrangement this month

​Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Worked on the UI design for reading list on the Liker Land app

This week

  • Will continue on the UI design, expecting to complete this week
  • May kickstart the UX design for email verification

​ckxpress (Civic Liker)

  • ​Proposal #2 passed, meaning the community agrees raise the max no of validators from 10 to 25.
  • ​Proposal #3 raised, now in voting period (13 days to go), to execute the consensus of Proposal #2. Shall liaise with validators to vote.
  • Conducted 3 interviews: TVB (expected to be on air early Aug), Apple Daily (date unknown) and Blocktrend (probably this Wednesday)