NFT Widget

Collect as You Read – The Embedded Vending Machine for Writings

Readers can collect Writing NFTs in an extremely easy way.

Unlike popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea that converge creators' and buyers' traffic into a centralized portal, buyers of Writing NFTs are actually readers who want to focus on reading. The buying process for readers who are surfing the internet should be integrated with the reading experience. Shopping around in a mall and immersing oneself in a book are two totally different experiences, and we believe that most readers prefer the latter.

To let readers collect Writing NFTs as they read, the collecting action is as easy as giving a like. An "NFT Widget" will be embedded at the bottom of the article. It works like a vending machine, showing the current price of this Writing NFT, and allowing readers to collect it with just a click if the price is right.

Creators can install the Web3Press plugin to publish posts as NFTs if their website is based on WordPress. The plugin embeds the NFT Widget at the bottom of each post for readers to collect.

Creators who are not using WordPress can also embed the NFT Widget into any webpage by using an iframe, the embed code is generated when minting NFT with NFT Portal.

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