Manage Stripe Account

How to connect a Stripe account

The following section will introduce how to connect a Stripe account for withdrawal. For more details, please refer to the FAQ: Listing Liker Land NFT eBooks.

Go to the LikeCoin NFT Book Press website, click "Manage Stripe Account", after entering the website, click "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner to connect to Keplr."

Stripe Connect Status

Click "Setup Stripe Payment Recipient Account".

The Stripe website appears. Fill in your email and mobile number, then click "Continue".

You will receive a verification code on your mobile, fill it in.

Fill in your Country and Type of business under Tell us about your business, then click "Continue".

Fill in your First Name, Last Name and Date of birth under Verify your personal details, then click "Continue".

Click on "Bank Account" to set your Account holder name, Choose your bank, Choose your branch and fill in your Account number, then click "Save".

If you choose to withdraw in cryptocurrency, select "Crypto wallet", then select Currency and Network and enter your wallet address, then click "Save".

Check whether the entered information is correct on the Review and submit page, then click "Agree and submit".

After the Stripe approval is completed, Setup Completed will change to "Yes".

You can click "Login to Stripe account" at any time to view or modify information.

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