Content Creators

I am a content creator, how can LikeCoin help me?

As a Decentralized Publishing Infrastructure, LikeCoin provides Decentralized Registry, Decentralized Rewards and Decentralized Editorial for content creators.

Decentralized Registry

  • Help creators to write content to IPFS

  • Achieve through Matters

  • For WordPress at the moment

Decentralized Rewards

  • Reinventing the Like:By simply attaching a LikeCoin button beneath your content and without setting up a paywall, every Like by readers is turned into measurable rewards in LikeCoin tokens.

  • Rewards to creators are from two sources, Civic Liker contribute USD5/mo、USD20/mo、USD100/mo to reward creativity and journalism, while the creators fund, distributed according to the Likes of all users, doubles the rewarding pool.

Decentralized Editorial

  • Liker Land: "Not Browsing, But Reading", our mobile app designed to be scarce to cut out noise from signals.

  • Apart from rewarding creators as a Liker, readers may go further to become a Content Jockey, help distribute creative stories and insightful commentaries with Super Likes.

The following sections will introduce how to use the 3 features on each content platform.