LikeCoin button

What are the functions of the LikeCoin button?
LikeCoin button is the core medium to interact with your readers for Like, Share and Archive.
From the LikeCoin button on each creations, readers can:

Use Case

LikeCoin button

​Matters is empowered with the LikeCoin button by default, content creators can give their Liker ID to InMedia for embedding LikeCoin button. We-Media may install LikeCoin WordPress plugin and a LikeCoin button will be automatically added to the end of each article. Medium writers can insert the LikeCoin button link to embed it into an article, LikeCoin button also supports Blogspot ( ), Pixnet and other content platforms.
LikeCoin button

NFT Widget

If the article has been published as Writing NFT, the LikeCoin button will be evolved into an NFT Widget with clap and collect Writing NFT functions.
​NFT Widget with clap and collect Writing NFT functions
Installation procedure of LikeCoin button and NFT Widget are the same.