Registering on BitAsset

How to register on BitAsset

Buy and Sell LikeCoin requires an Crypto Exchange account, it takes time to apply but easy to trade once it is done.

These are the steps to register a BitAsset account, click this link to register or go to BitAsset website and click register.

Step 1: Confirm password and email or mobile phone number

Fill in your email, password and referral code (Optional). You may also choose to register by mobile phone number, check on the switch below in red

When your email is confirmed, the system will bring you back to the BitAsset website frontpage, click on the top right hand corner of your email address

Then go into the "Personal information page" page.

BitAsset Office Tutorial

BitAsset use introduction manual

Step 2: Certification Level 1 and 2

If you are not a China user, you have to complete certification Lv.1 and Lv.2

Go to the "Personal Information Page", click "Upgrade Now"

The page appears below, the "Name" here referring to your name on legal documents

Fill in your information and click "Next", the following pop-up and you have to upload the front and back of your identify card, with a photo that you are holding a piece of paper written with the information required and your identity card

Front and back of the identity card is easy to deal with, however "holding an identity card together with a piece of paper" can be hard to accomplish. Take a look at the demo below:

Submit all the documents and wait for BitAsset's approval, usually it takes one or two working days.

Step 3: 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Google Authenticator

You can use almost every function of BitAsset after completing certification Level 2, but for security sake, we highly recommend you to complete the Google Authenticator. There are detailed instructions to follow, you have to download Google Authenticator on your mobile.

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If you experience difficulties, contact BitAsset Help Desk

If you have any questions about using BitAsset and their products, please check BitAsset Help Center or contact BitAsset customer service. Click on the bubble at the lower right hand corner of BitAsset website and find support.