NFT Portal

Publish ANY webpage as NFT
The NFT Portal covers all writers that cannot use the WordPress plugin.
Option 1: Writers can copy the URL of any webpage, paste it to NFT Portal website to mint the page as Writing NFT. The Portal will scrape the og graphic, title and content of the webpage and store the information on blockchain/IPFS/Arweave.
Option 2: Register text, PDF, picture, sound... into ISCN first, then paste the ISCN ID to NFT Portal to mint as NFT
After minting, a user can embed an NFT Widget into any webpage by iframe, but he/she needs to fill the "referrer parameter'' with the ISCN ID generated by the NFT Portal. Check out the LikeCoin button for more.

Login to NFT Portal

Login with Keplr Browser Extension

Please log into Keplr Browser Extension in your browser. After clicking "Keplr", a window will pop up requesting connection, click "Approve".

Login with Liker Land app

A QR Code will appear after clicking "Liker ID".
On the Liker Land app, click the QRCode icon to bring up the camera, and scan the QR Code.
An ISCN APP window will pop-up, click "Approve".
After successful login, your wallet address will be displayed on the top right corner.

Publish Writing NFT with Article URL

Step 1/4: Register ISCN

If the article is not registered with ISCN, please directly enter the article URL into the blank space and click "Register ISCN".
Please note if the URL is directly registered with ISCN in this way when publishing Writing NFT, the system will automatically grab the article title and content as metadata.
If you want your work to have detailed metadata, please register an ISCN and publish Writing NFT with the ISCN ID.


When the Keplr window pops up, click "Approve".
The Keplr window pops up again, click "Approve".

Step 2/4: Preview NFT

The Writing NFT preview page appears, click "Next".

Step 3/4: Add Creator message

Click "Add message to your collectors” to input to the message for your Writing NFT collectors.
A window pops up, enters the content and clicks "Confirm". Note that the message cannot exceed 256 characters.
Check whether the content is correct or not. If they need to be modified, you can press "Edit" to change it, otherwise click "Next" to continue.

Step 4/4: Sign

Keplr window pops up in order to get the Class ID, click "Approve" twice.
Keplr window pops up again to mint NFT, click "Approve".
“Done” and the URL of the Writing NFT appears, which means the NFT has been minted successfully. Click "View NFT" to view it.
The Writing NFT has been successfully minted and can be purchased by other users. However the information entered in Step 3/4 does not appear on the content page.
When collectors purchase the Writing NFT, they will see the message.

Liker Land app

The steps are exactly the same as for Keplr users, just click "Approve" when signature requests pop up on your app.

Publish Writing NFT with ISCN ID

If your article is registered with ISCN, you can also use the NFT Portal to publish Writing NFT.

Register ISCN for Matters articles

Taking Matters as an example, users can choose to register ISCN before publishing.

Method 1: Publish Writing NFT directly from ISCN

After the article is published, go to "My Publishing" of to find the ISCN of the article, and click "Mint NFTs" on the top right corner to directly mint the ISCN as Writing NFT, the steps are exactly the same as Publish Writing NFT with Article URL Step 2-2/4.

Method 2: Copy the ISCN ID and publish Writing NFT

Go to "My Publishing" at to find the ISCN ID of the registered article and copy it.
Enter the ISCN ID in the NFT Portal and click "Register ISCN". For the steps remaining, please refer to Publish Writing NFT with Article URL Step 2-2/4.