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NFT Marketplace

NFT Free Market
The LikeCoin NFT Marketplace prototype has been released, enabling free trading of NFTs! You can check out and buy NFTs and also find the latest buying and selling data.
Likecoin NFT Marketplace includes:


Click "Connect" in the top right corner to connect with the Keplr Browser Extension and view your owned NFTs. Click "Sell" to list the NFT to the Marketplace.
Click "Connect" to login
Check out the NFT that you have and click "Sell" to list the NFT to the Marketplace
Enter the Price, Offer expiration date and click "Conifirm"
The latest NFTs listed on the NFT Marketplace
The most recent NFTs sold on the NFT Marketplace
Find specific NFTs using the NFT Class ID.


Send NFTs for easy mass distribution, see the guide for Batch send NFT to supporters.
The current NFT Marketplace interface is a minimal viable product designed to achieve basic functions without any UX/UI design. Feel free to try it out and provide your feedback on the LikeCoin Discord.