NFT Portfolio

Check out other user’s Writing NFT collections
Besides collecting via NFT Widget, readers can also collect Writing NFT from the writer’s NFT Portfolio page ( Format[WalletAddress] ). Writers and Collectors can share the links of their collection by any channels.

NFT Gems

In addition to expressing the value of the collectibles in numbers, the Portfolio page further reflects the current price of Writing NFTs with gems of different grades. The color and shape of the gem on the work will change according to the market price, beautifying the Writing NFT display.

Favorite author and fans

Favorite author and fans function to enhance the relationship between creators and supporters.

List by order

User can now view any NFT Portfolio by applying different sorting algorithm, choices:
  • by time
  • by price
  • by owned quantity

Showing collector’s avator

To better illustrate the relationship between creators and supporters, Liker Land display the avator of the collectors in the NFT collection page.