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NFT Tools

LikeCoin NFT Dashboard

The LikeCoin NFT Dashboard is an easy-to-use tool for finding the Latest and Top NFT data, as well as identifying who has the most NFT collections ( Top Collector ).
LikeCoin NFT Dashboard
The "Export" function allows users to input the creator's or collector's Liker ID or wallet address, Search and export the data as a CSV file for analysis at any time.
Search and export the data as a csv file

LikeCoin ISCN/NFT Tools

​LikeCoin ISCN/NFT Tools provide various tools for batch managing NFTs:
LikeCoin ISCN/NFT Tools

​Mint NFT​

Directly mint NFTs using ISCN ID or NFT Class ID, or provide an ISCN data JSON file for minting NFTs.
Mint NFT

​Send NFT​

Send NFTs by providing an NFT CSV file for mass distribution. See the guide for Batch send NFT to supporters.
Send NFT

​List and Sell NFT​

List NFTs on the NFT Marketplace with the option to set expiration of listing and upload a CSV file for bulk listing on the NFT Marketplace.
List and Sell NFT
Access the ISCN Browser.

Other Tools

The community has also developed different widgets and tools to help search and purchase NFT, see Writing NFT Tools for details.