How to register a ISCN?
The 1st demo of an ISCN application
Users can go to and register an ISCN for their content and a unique image will be generated randomly. Even if there is a tiny little change to two pieces of similar content, the image for the ISCN will not be the same.
Registering ISCN to the LikeCoin chain will also upload the content to IPFS or Arweave. Users only have to pay a small amount of LikeCoin for registering and hosting.
Users can also check an ISCN record and it's details in
Users can use to try out and register his/her ISCN.

Step 1: Login

Please register a Keplr wallet before registering an ISCN.
Visit with the browser that have Keplr extension installed. Click [Keplr] on the top right corner to login by wallet.
After that your Keplr wallet address will be displayed on the top right hand corner, click [Register ISCN] to publish your work.

Step 2: Upload Content

Click [Select a file] to select a photo or by drag-and-drop, then click [Publish to IPFS] to upload the photo to the distributed file system.
After the upload is completed, click "View File Info" to click the metadata of your file, for example EXIF data including location and camera settings.
Click [Publish to IPFS] to proceed.

Step 3: Fill in the metadata

Fill in the information about this content.
  • Name
  • Description
  • Author - Creator Name, can fill in more than one creators
  • Author - Wallet Address
  • Author - URL, of the creator
  • Keywords, help others to find your content
  • URL, of the content
  • License, may refer to Creative Commons for reference
Although most of the fields are optional, it is recommended to be as detailed as possible for content discovery and authenticity later.
Fill in author information. You may fill in more than one author as the work may be co-created.
After filling the information, click [Register].

Step 4: Getting the ISCN

After clicking [Confirm], a Keplr windows will pop up for payment confirmation, choose the transaction speed you need: Low, Average or High, then click "Approve". Registering an ISCN requires less than one LikeCoin now, just try on it.
Publishing to blockchain normally takes a few seconds only.
ISCN with a unique content fingerprint is ready.
The unique image funcation is not ready on the prototype
Back to homepage, click [Your Publishing] to list all your publications.
Click on a particular piece to check out the metadata and the original file.
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