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Publish NFT with ISCN ID

Mint Writing NFT with ISCN ID
If your article is registered with ISCN, you can also use the NFT Portal to publish Writing NFT. Moreover, you can register PDF, picture, sound... into ISCN first, then paste the ISCN ID to NFT Portal and publish as NFT.

Method 1: Publish Writing NFT directly from ISCN

After the article is published and regsitered with ISCN, go to "My Works" of to find the ISCN of the article, and click "Mint NFT" on the top right corner to directly mint the ISCN as Writing NFT, the steps are exactly the same as Publish Writing NFT with an Article URL.
Click Mint NFT to mint ISCN into Writing NFT

Method 2: Copy the ISCN ID and publish Writing NFT

Go to "My Works" at to find the ISCN ID of the registered article and copy it.
Minting ISCN ID as Writing NFT
Enter the ISCN ID in the NFT Portal and click "Register ISCN". For the steps remaining, please refer to Publish Writing NFT with Article URL.
Enter ISCN ID and click "Register ISCN" to mint Writing NFT