Transfer Writing NFT

It's easy!
Transfer Writing NFT You can transfer your favorite Writing NFTs to others.
User can leave a message when gifting a Writing NFT to the recipient. The message is record as a transaction memo on chain and can be stacked during further transfers, forming a “log” of that particular piece of Writing NFT.
Transferring Writing NFT is demonstrated as follows:

Step 1: Login and transfer

Login your Keplr Browser Extension, Cosmostation Browser Extension or Liker Land app., click on the NFT that needs to be transferred, and check how many of them you have "Own". Click "Transfer".

Step 2: Enter the wallet address

On the Transfer Your NFT page, enter the wallet address for receiving NFT and the message to include on "Enter the recipient address and click "Transfer".

Step 3: Confirm the transfer

Transfer Writing NFT on Keplr

On the Keplr popup window, click "Approve".

Transfer Writing NFT on Cosmostation

On the Cosmostation popup window, click "Confirm".

Transfer Writing NFT on Liker Land app

A signature request shows up on your phone, click "Approve" and confirm the transfer.

Step 4: Successful transfer

The Complete! pop-up window appears and indicates that the NFT has been successfully transferred. At the same time, the number of "Own" will also change. You can also notify the recipient to see if he/she has received Writing NFT.
Keplr users can view the messages sent previously in the Transfer Message field.