Keplr Browser Extension Wallet

Installation and Operation guide of Keplr, the interchain wallet that supports LikeCoin

Keplr is an interchain wallet that allows you to manage your own private key and easily manage your LikeCoin. To install Keplr, please refer to the installation guide available for both Chrome and Brave browsers. Keplr has a mobile wallet that supports LikeCoin chain too.

Please note that the Keplr mobile app currently does not support LikeCoin.

You can learn how to install Keplr Browser Extension on your desktop by referring to the following articles:

Install Keplr and create a new wallet

Deposit, send, delegate LikeCoin; proposal deposits, vote and view transaction details:

Keplr: Deposit and Send LikeCoinKeplr + Deposit, send, delegate, governance

You may also export seed words from Liker Land and import them to Keplr:

Export Seed WordsImport wallet into Keplr

Use Keplr to register ISCN, collect and mint Writing NFT, and enjoy

How to register an ISCN?Collect Writing NFT by LIKE on desktopPublish Writing

Swap LikeCoin and earn liquidity mining incentives on Osmosis:

Trade in OsmosisLiquidity

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