Content Discovery

Reward your favourite contents

​Liker Land mobile app provides several methods for discovering contents that suit your needs.


Follow all the creators that you've shown your appreciation, their new works will appear on the "Follow" page.

Follow function

If you want to stop following a creator, go to Liker Land mobile app, click on the avatar at the lower right hand corner, then click [Following/Unfollow] to change the settings. You may also go to Liker Land Web and change the Follow/Unfollow setting.


Save your read-later articles and read them when you have time. The LikeCoin Chrome/Firefox Plug-in helps you to read and bookmark any web pages (not only limited to those with LikeCoin button installed), reserve them for future reading in Liker Land mobile app or Liker Land Web.

Moreover, you may also click on the avatar at the lower hand right corner in Liker Land mobile app, select [Website Sign-in] and pre-login your daily reading websites and have a seamlessly reading experience.

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