Civic Liker 2.0 FAQ

On December 21, 2020 Civic Liker evolved to Civic Liker 2.0. Have questions about the new scheme? Check out the following FAQ.

1. I am a Civic Liker already, what is the Civic Liker 2.0 impact on me?

If the Civic Liker does not unsubscribe from the old scheme, the mechanism of disturbing monthly fee by claps will remain the same.

2. Can I still join the Civic Liker old scheme now?

New Civic Liker can only enjoy the new scheme, Civic Liker referral rewards were also stopped at this moment.

3. How to subscribe to more than one content creator?

Please follow How to be a Civic Liker and subscribe for the 1st content creator. Then follow the same steps to subscribe to the 2nd and the other creators. Please note the newly added monthly subscription amount will be charged on the next billing date.

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