Setup mainnet node


1 core machine with 2 GB RAM, running Linux or Mac, with Docker and Docker Compose installed.

At least 100 GB storage for chain data. (Estimated storage requirement: 40 GB per year)

Please make sure that your TCP port 26656 is connectable from external network.

Setup steps

  1. Start up the node and wait for synchronization catch up

Clone the project

Run git clone --branch sheungwan --single-branch, then cd likecoin-chain.

Build the Docker image

Run ./scripts/

Initialize the node and account keys

Download genesis.json here and put it somewhere (e.g. in likecoin-chain folder).

Run ./scripts/ $(MONIKER) genesis.json [email protected]:26656, where $(MONIKER) is your node's custom name.

When asked, enter and repeat a passphrase for protecting your account key.

This will create .liked and .likecli directories, with node config and keys initialized.

Start up the node

Run docker-compose up -d. This will create and run the Docker containers in background.

To see if the node is running well, you can input docker-compose logs to see if there is any error.

The node will connect to the network and start to synchronize blocks, which may take some time depends on how long the network is started.

You can check the synchronization progress at http://{YOUR_NODES_IP}:26657/status. result.sync_info.catching_up will be false if the node has already caught up the network's blocks.