Resetting password

Cannot login Liker Land with your Liker ID and don't know what to do? Try resetting password!

The followings are for Liker ID registered with Liker Land.

If you cannot login your Liker ID with your social logins, please try the following steps to reset password and see if it helps.

Step 1

Go to and make sure that you are being logged out. You may go to the menu at the top right hand corner and find the "Logout" option.

Step 2

Login again, on the login box select "Reset Password".

Step 3

Input your registered email address and press "Send", it should be the email used during registration

If it doesn't work, e.g. "Can't find the email address or phone number" appears, please try to:

  • Use the same email address that you registered your social media profile ( Facebook, Google, Twitter);

  • If your email got a "dot" ".", please delete the dot and try again. e.g. use [email protected] instead of [email protected] and try again.

The following appears.

Step 4

Receive the reset password email on your mailbox, click the link on the email to reset password.

Input your new password twice, and click "Reset Password"

You have successfully reset your password, go back to Liker Land and login your Liker ID.

Step 5

On the login box, use your email and password to login. Please do not select the social logins on the above.

Step 6

After login, go to ,click on Authcore → Security settings → Social logins to reset your Google, Facebook, Twitter logins.

If the problem persists, please click on the green bubble at the lower right hand corner on and find our Customer Service to help.