Portfolio Page

Share your works and reading taste

How to access your Portfolio Page

Portfolio Page helps user to share their reading history, The Portfolio Page url is https://liker.land/[Your Liker ID], if your Liker ID is ckxpress, your link is going to be https://liker.land/ckxpress.

Personal Information

The left hand side of the Portfolio Page displays information of the user, including Liker ID, name and creator pitch. If the user is a Civic Liker, the date he/she started to be a Civic Liker and with the following functions:

  • Become a Civic Liker - If Readers click on it and become a Civic Liker, the content creators can receive monthly support in LikeCoin. Read more about Civic Liker.

  • Follow - Click and follow the user as a Content Jockey

  • LIKE Pay-Transfer LikeCoin to the user


If the content creator Super Liked his/her own works, they will be displayed here. Content creators have to be a Civic Liker to Super Liker their own work and this action cannot earn LikeCoin.

Super Likes

Super Likes history displayed all the other works and articles Super Liked by the user.