FoTan upgrade FAQ

What is the impact on Liker?

LikeCoin chain is going to upgrade to Fotan on August 18, 2021 19:45 GMT+8. After the upgrade LikeCoin chain will support ISCN (International Standard Content Number) content registry and IBC ( Inter Blockchain Communication. Validators will upgrade the chain together on Google Meet, everyone is welcome to join us. During the upgrade, all transactions on Liker Land will be suspended. Have questions on the upgrade? Please check out the following FAQ.

How long does it take?

The upgrade will last for around 4 hours, but it may take longer than required.

Will my claps all go away?

During the upgrade all clapping records will be stored and don't worry about it being lost. However, the Creators Fund distribution may be delayed. The funds from Civic Liker Classic which is distributed according to the number of claps may also be delayed.

Can I login to Liker Land mobile app or web during upgrade?

Yes you can, however the "Civic Liker monthly sponsor" and "Rewarded" column will not be updated. You cannot check your wallet as well.

Can I delegate or redelegate my LikeCoin?

The delegate, redelegate and undelegate function is not available during upgrade.

If I LIKE pay during the upgrade, will my LikeCoin disappear?

As the LIKE pay wouldn't get through, the LikeCoin is still here. You can LIKE pay again after the upgrade.

Can I trade my LikeCoin during the upgrade?

All exchanges supporting LikeCoin will stop LIKE deposit or withdrawal on August 18 and resume trade after upgrade. Please take note of the announcement by the respective exchange.

Will upgrading from the ERC-20 procedure change?

The procedure of migrating LikeCoin ERC-20 to LikeCoin chain will remain the same, however we suggested that you perform the upgrade ASAP.

If my Liker ID got an issue after the upgrade, what should I do?

Contact customer service via Liker Land mobile app or Web.