Community Funds Application

Community Fund delegation from Ecological pools

The 12th Proposal of the Republic of Liker Land was passed on June 2, 2021. This proposal is to refine the requirement of delegate the LIKE in the ecological pool of Proposal 9. In order to receive the delegation, validators have to make sure:

  1. They have done what you have to do in Proposal 12, for example make an honest effort to participate in community affairs.

  2. Write a self introduction in Matters or Medium and use the function # Add Tag to tag Validator Intro in their article.

  3. Join LikeCoin Discord and write an application post in this channel #apply-for-delegation, tell the community what their commission rate is.

Validators are also encouraged to introduce themselves in the LikeCoin community call.

Validators' application for community fund cut off day is on the 15th of each month, at 1200 UTC+8. The 7 approvers elected by community consensus will then process the application in batch and make a decision by the 21st of each month, 1200 UTC+8. 5 Validators have to get at least 5 Aye to receive the delegation.

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