LikeCoin Token
What is a LikeCoin token?
LikeCoin token is usually called LikeCoin for short, it is the de facto token in Liker Land. LikeCoin has the following usage:
  • Decentralized Publishing: Register ISCN, pay GAS fee and the cost for the application service provider.
  • Transactions: Buy products and services from the community via LIKE pay, for example services from Matters Market or payments in general
  • Governance: Representing the contribution and thus voting power of a Liker. The more contribution a Liker makes, the more LikeCoin she receives and the more influential power she has in the community.
  • Bridging with other communities and the traditional world: LikeCoin can be exchanged into and from Stable Coin, Bitcoin,, TWD, HKD and other traditional and crypto currencies. The ticker of LikeCoin is LIKE in Liquid, DigiFinex, ZB. MyEthShp, Osmosis, Emeris crypto exchanges.
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