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Hand pick news is so primitive, why not using Artificial Intelligence for curations?
Liker Land Today's Headlines

Not Browsing, But Reading

Open the Liker Land app and you can see the "Today's headlines", just like newspapers, the most important news are selected.

Today's headlines are hand picked by Content Jockey without the use of AI. Every Content Jockey has two quotas per day, to ensure every selection is the finest. On the other hand to make sure that readers will not sumerge to the seas of junk content.

Currently, there are 5 default Content Jockeys in Liker Land:

Moreover, readers can follow their trusted Content Jockeys. Click on the avatar on the LikeCoin button will jump to the Portfolio Page for following them.

Click on the avatar and bring you to the Portfolio Page for following the Content Jockey

The default Content Jockeys was managed by the Republic of Liker Land with Liquid Democracy, Content Jockeys of good quality and Word of mouth are selected by community voting.

Add to Reading List

If you finished reading an article, the system will add a green tick on it (circled in red), you can also click on the bookmark icon to save the article to Reading list for read it later.

If you want to stop following a Content Jockey, you can click on the avatar at the lower right hand corner, then click "Content Jockey" under "Settings". You can also go to Liker Land web to unfollow a Content Jockey.

The world has Super Liked

If Today's headlines got too less to read, click on the [Globe] at top right hand corner and read Super Liked articles by all the Content Jockeys and explore more wonderful contents. If you love his/her taste, click [Follow] and articles hand picked by him/her will appear on your Today's headline. You can also click on the bookmark to save the article to Reading List.