Like - Reinventing the Like

How does the "Reinventing the Like" Decentralized Rewards work? Where does money come from?

Any website embedded with a LikeCoin button can turn "Likes" into rewards, each clap can support the content creators and turn likes into actual income.

Using the Liker Land mobile app to surf for articles, you can easily clap /"Like" and support the creators. When a LikeCoin button is embedded in an article, it can be clapped by a Liker 1–5 times to reflect the degree of appreciation. Each clap represents a vote for the content, helping the creator receive part of the Creators Pool allocated for that day. If you are a Civic Liker, the creator will receive LikeCoin right away. If you are an ordinary Liker, the creator will receive his/her daily Creators Fund's distribution on the next day afternoon.

Furthermore, creators receive Liker Land monthly reports from the Foundation in order to understand their achievement.

Readers can also send LikeCoin to creator directly via LIKE Pay.

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