Facebook can give likes, why LikeCoin?

Liker Land is the user interface of LikeCoin, with function collaboration on reading, content collection, crypto wallet and ID Card.

Content Jockey

Standnews, InMedia, HKCNews and Matters help you to select Today's headlines.

Artificial Intelligence helps on time saving and efficiency, but it doesn't work on news selection. Take Facebook as an example, although it's algorithms predict what arouses your emotions and interests you most, the intels are not important at all. Your newsfeed is long but the content may not be relevant to you, the information is lack of transparency and cannot be traced. Users really don't know that they have missed.

Pinpointing the problem of AI selection, Liker Land adopts "Zero AI curation strategy", readers select headlines recommended by Content Jockeys. Each content Jockey can choose 2 headlines per day. It encourages well chosen content so that the readers will not be flooded by useless information.

A wide range of selection

There are also 1,400 websites, three hundreds thousand articles by 11,000 content creators (Check out the Real-time statistics).

Deep Reading

Bookmarking any web page to Liker Land Readling list to read them later.

Reinventing the Like

From each clap the reader made, content creators can earn rewards.