Undelegation of LikeCoin

Withdraw the LikeCoin that you delegated, beware of the 21 days cooling-off period

Undelegation of LikeCoin from your validator

If you delegated LikeCoin to a validator but you want to get them back, you can utilize the [Undelegate] function of Liker Land mobile app. Please follow the steps:

  1. In the LikeCoin wallet page, click on the validator that you delegated (displayed as green)

  2. Go to the validatior page, click [Undelegate]

  3. Input the number of LikeCoin that you have to withdraw, click [Confirm]

Attention regarding Undelegation

Once you've confirmed your undelegation, the following happens:

  1. It takes 21 days cooling-off period to undelegate and get back the LikeCoin to your own wallet, the LikeCoin cannot be redelegated, rewarded or transferred as well.

  2. Validator lost his/her voting power of the amount the LikeCoin withdrew.

Transaction fee is required for ‌Undelegate LikeCoin.