Liker Land mobile app

Liker MUST HAVE app

Liker Land mobile app is a comprehensive tool for every Liker.


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Many users encounter this issue: When you click the LikeCoin button, you are being asked to login the website again and again which hinders user experiences. Liker Land solved this problem, login once and for all.

Crypto wallet

Liker Land also provides a LikeCoin crypto wallet, plug-n-pay, easy-to-use. Transferring LikeCoin to others is easy peasy.

In the LikeCoin ERC-20 era, users had to use MetaMask on desktop which was far too complicated for many of them, there was nothing available on mobile too. Liker Land mobile app solves the problem.

ID Card

In the Republic of Liker Land, each of you who is a holder of LikeCoin is a stakeholder. You can delegate LikeCoin to a validator that you trust and represent you to vote on proposals regarding community development. you can also earn rewards from the delegated LikeCoin.

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