Assisted Migration

If you have LikeCoin showing in MetaMask, follow these simple steps. You won't need MetaMask anymore.​

LikeCoin has been migrated to the LikeCoin chain and users no longer need MetaMask to login but should use Liker Land mobile app instead. This document is for legacy users who created Liker ID with MetaMask and did not complete the Liker ID migration process only.

For those who fulfil the below conditions:

  1. Have LikeCoin on MetaMask

  2. Have ETH on MetaMask as Gas Fee

  3. Have bound your Liker ID with at least one social accounts (Google/Facebook/Twitter/Matters) besides MetaMask

Step 1: Visit

Your task is to upgrade the LikeCoin in your MetaMask wallet to LikeCoin chain, so the first step is to make sure that you have the MetaMask with the correct wallet address installed in your Chrome browser.

Login Liker Land by Chrome with your social account (Google / Facebook / Twitter / Matters) and go to The system will pop up the below screen (probably in English).

Choose "Migrate Now"

Step 2.1: Read the introduction

The system will lead you to the migration page and help you upgrade your LikeCoin step by step. After reading the background introduction in the below screen, click "Confirm".

Click "confirm"

Step 2.2: Sign

The system is going to perform a transaction from your MetaMask, and need your signature for authorization. Click "Sign".

Click "Sign"

After clicking "Sign", the following MetaMask screens will be shown. Click "Connect" and then "Sign".

Click "Connect" and then "Sign"

Step 2.3: Waiting for the upgrading process to be finished

In this step, the system will firstly transfer your LikeCoin ERC-20 to a smart contract, and then deposit LikeCoin to your new wallet on the LikeCoin chain. The process needs a few minutes, please be patient. During the process, ETH as Gas Fee will be deducted.

Step 3: Check your LikeCoin balance

You can check your LikeCoin balance in after migration completion.

Download the Liker Land mobile app

Please visit Google Play store or Apple App Store to download the Liker Land mobile app. Login by your social account and check your balance on the app. You may also perform various operations of LikeCoin such as transfer and delegation there.

If you can login Liker ID by MetaMask only, you can still follow the instruction above except that you should choose "Login by MetaMask" on the upper left corner of the login screen, and you will be asked to set up a new password during the process.