Transfer LikeCoin using Liker Land mobile app in a few clicks, no handling fee

Step 1

Download Liker Land mobile app, we do not support transferring LikeCoin on desktop computers at the moment.

Step 2

Open the mobile app, click on the avatar at the lower right hand corner, then click on the LikeCoin amount that you have on top. You can manage your wallet now. Then, Click the [Send] button.

Step 3

You can fill in the Liker ID or wallet address into the [Enter receiver address] field, or else scanning the QR Code: Ask the LikeCoin receiver to open his/her wallet and click [Receive] button to show his/her QR Code. Then you can click on the icon circled in red, using your phone camera to scan the LikeCoin receiver's QR Code.

Step 4

Some crypto exchanges may require input of Tag/Memo, please fill in the value here or press [Next] if there is nothing to add.

Step 5

Liker Land mobile app will open your phone camera, scan the LikeCoin receiver's QR Code, and click the [Next] button.

Step 6

Input the amount of LikeCoin that you have to transfer, click [Next] and then click [Confirm].