Making LikeCoin

What else can I do to make LikeCoin besides creating?

Create contents

Content creators embed LikeCoin button into their works, turn "Like" into actual income and earn LikeCoin.

Matters is empowered by the LikeCoin button by default, content creators can give their Liker ID to ** [獨立媒體] ( and [立場新聞] ( ** for embedding LikeCoin button. It can also be installed to WordPress by the LikeCoin WordPress plugin. LikeCoin button also supports Medium, Vocus, Blogspot ( ), Pixnet and other content platforms. Moreover content creator can share his/her sponsor link (Format:[Your Liker ID]/civic ) in any channels and medium, easily creating their own Civic Liker supporting group.

The source of the creators' daily reward consists of two parts:

1. The monthly subscription fee: paid by Civic Liker, his/her monthly supporting amount will be credited to the content creator in the form of equivalent LikeCoin.

e.g. Veryotaku receive USD5 from 1 supporter and USD5 from 3 supporters, total USD35 (equivalent in LikeCoin ).

2. Creators fund: managed by the foundation. The daily amount is adjusted according to the total amount donated by Civic Likers. Both of the likes given by Civic Liker and ordinary likers will be considered as votes for fund distribution.

e.g. There are 1,000 Civic Likers in May, they all subscribed with USD5 and the sum is USD5000, foundation then pay USD5000 extra from the ecosystem pool (will be turned into LikeCoin), this extra part will be distributed in proporation according to the total number of claps/Likes by all Likers.


The community constantly needs help on translation, design, promotion, community management, etc.. Complete the mission and receive LikeCoin.

Be a validator

This article reflects the numbers during December 16, 2019

Validator's rewards for recording all transactions is from inflation. currently set up as 1% of the total LikeCoin circulation, which is ten million out of one billion LikeCoin.

The inflation amount will be distributed when a block is created in LikeCoin chain, approximately in every 5-6 seconds

2% of the newly minted LikeCoin from inflation will be treated as "Tax" and reserved for the Community Pool. In other words, 98% of LikeCoin from inflation is for validators and stakeholders. Usage of the Community Pool will be determined accordingly to the community's autonomous mechanisms.

If a block is created on every 6 seconds, the number of new blocks created per year are 365*24*60*10 = 5,256,000, therefore the LikeCoin shared to each validators and stakeholders from each block are:

= 10,000,000 LikeCoin x 98% / 5,256,000

= 1.86 LikeCoin

That means 1.86 LikeCoin is minted every 6 seconds for validators and stakeholders to distribute according to their delegation ratio. Currently the commission rate is 50%, therefore the LikeCoin given to stakeholders every 6 seconds is 1.86/2 = 0.93.

The above calculation based on the assumption of a new block is created every 6 second, but in fact there are deviations in real life. Adding to the 98% from inflation, 98% transaction fee from each transaction will also be distributed to validators and stakeholders according to their delegation ratio.

Buy LikeCoin on Exchanges

BitAsset supports TWD/LIKE and BTC/LIKE trading pairs. Liquid supports BTC/LIKE and USDT/LIKE trading pairs. DigiFinex supports USDT/LIKE trading pairs. MyEthShop provides HKD/LIKE exchange. Those who are interested can buy LikeCoin from them.

LikeCoin referral programs ended on March 8, 2021.