Portfolio Page

How to access your Portfolio Page

Portfolio Page helps content creators to share their reading history, there are two ways to access it.

Method 1: Click on avatar on the LikeCoin button.

Method 2: The Portfolio Page url is https://liker.land/[Your Liker ID], if your Liker ID is ckxpress, your link is going to be https://liker.land/ckxpress.

Personal Information

The left hand side of the Portfolio Page displays information of the content creator, including name, Liker ID, the date became Civic Liker with the following functions:

  • Become a Civic Liker - If Readers click on it and become Civic Liker, content creator can receive monthly support in LikeCoin. Read more: Civic Liker

  • Follow - Click and follow the content creator as a Content Jockey

  • LIKE Pay-Transfer LikeCoin to the content creator


If the content creator Super Liked his/her own works, they will be displayed in here.

Super Likes

Super Likes history displayed all the other works and articles Super Liked by the content creator.