LikeCoin Discord
A communication platform
​LikeCoin Discord is for everyone, there are channels for development, governance, products discussion, grants, etc. Validators and stakeholders exchange ideas and make Liker Land a better place together. Here are an introduction of the LikeCoin Discord channels:


Channel Name
Channel Introduction
announcement 📣
Must Read
LikeCoin knowledge base

English Channel

Channel Name
welcome 👋🏼
Landing LikeCoin Discord
self-intro 🙋
Tell us about yourself
random 👥
General Discussion
developers 🛠
Anything related to LikeCoin technical development
iscn 📚
Decentralized Publishing discussion
bug-report 🐛
Report bugs on Liker Land DApps and network
validators 🆙
For validators
dex-osmosis 🧪
Discussion about Osmosis
ibc-status 🤖
Monitor IBC status
dex-emeris 🔮
Discussion about Emeris
proposal-discussions ⚖
LikeCoin governance discussion
apply-for-delegation 💰
Apply delegation from LikeCoin community funds
mainnet-node-status 📊
Check out of the validator node status
grants 💡
LikeCoin Grants English discussion

Chinese Channel

Channel Name
一般 👥
開發者 🛠
任何與 LikeCoin 開發相關的討論
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