LikeCoin Grants Derivative Projects
How does the community develop on LikeCoin?
LikeCoin encourages the community to explore different ideas, and works on features to enhance LikeCoin and Liker Land decentralizedly.
Check on registration status and explore ISCN content.
Widget on Android for checking LikeCoin balance and exchange rate.
Matters daily statistics, break down into article ranking, author ranking and distributions.
Liker Social is a decentralized Microblog application developer by the validator Liker.Social team and awarded with LikeCoin Grants, which is based on LikeCoin & Mastodon open source facilities, supporting likes for rewards, helping creators connect with their own communities and earn revenue from likes and subscriptions.
Just Like twitter you can share your daily life, your personal opinion, but Liker.Social will give real rewards back to your fantastic opinions.
Providing LIKE/HKD, LIKE/TWD, LIKE/CNY and Matters HKD exchange.
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