How to pay Civic Liker yearly subscription by LikeCoin

Use LikeCoin to pay for Civic Liker

Liker Land web

Please visit by web or mobile browser and login your Liker ID, then select "Pay with LIKE" and follow the instructions to pay the 15,000 LIKE yearly subscription.

Liker Land app

If you experience difficulty and cannot pay in Liker Land web, you are welcomed to use Liker Land mobile app to pay for Civic Liker yearly subscription fee (15,000 LikeCoin).

Step 1: Transfer 15,000 LikeCoin

Please use Liker Land mobile app to transfer 15,000 LikeCoin to the following Liker ID:

  • Liker ID: foundation

  • Receive LikeCoin QR code:

Liker ID: foundation

Step 2: Send the transaction record

After payment is done, please send your Liker ID to the lower right hand corner help desk dialogue box (icon in green) of / Liker Land, or email it to

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