Next community meeting: 2020.05.04 (Mon) Validators Meeting

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics

(difference from 2020-04-20)

Last week

  • Basically finished author related transactions and queries, supported nesting an author entity in a create ISCN transaction.

This week

  • Tidy up code, support on license entity.

michael (Developer)

Last week

  • Continue to fix Liker Land APP stats report API bug (eg. timezone shift, incorrect articles count)

  • Deployed daily cronjob to sync user data to Crisp and fixed errors

  • Migrated some important data from Intercom to Crisp

This week

  • Fix stats report API bug reported by users

  • Handle overwhelming click like action spam

  • Automate some manual handle in Civic Liker clicking like flow

William (Full Stack Developer)

Last week

This week

  • Work on adding g0v.json in our github repos

  • Prepare internal testing for app referral function

  • Continue to work on liker.land site published date crawler to improve accuracy

  • Will start working on super like PoC if have time

David Ng (Frontend Developer)

Last Week

App Development

  • Fixed several bugs and did some improvements on statistics feature:

    • Added back some missing statistics numbers from the origin design

    • Corrected timezone params of API

    • Adjusted scrollview to show more list items for small devices

This Week

App Development

  • Continue to test and debug statistics feature

  • Add sign in for other websites

  • Hide less active validators to inner screen

edmond (Operations & Marketing)


  • Ad campaign for Liker's engagement - Not satisfactory. Active Civic Liker drops by ~ 10% since last week.

  • Civic Liker acquisition - After cutting the ad budget to minimal (Spent $193 last week) for Civic Liker acquisition, the number on board dropped dramatically as expected.

Last week

  • Civic Liker engagement A/B test -

    • Used $994 for engaging Civic Likers for clicking actions. CPC $5.89 (per clap on LikeButton)

    • Limitation: no direct correlation between the AD and the result

    • Text A/B test result as follows

  • App beta test activity

    • 25 applicants so far. 2 bugs reported

    • Objectives:

      • discussion on slack

      • help debugging

      • Civic Liker privileges

      • Feature promotion

  • Met with Media partners to introduce the new direction of Liker Land and solve various technical issues.

This week

  • Wrap up Matters promotion activity

  • Continue to try on engagement campaign

  • Help on Likerthon promotion

  • Continue to work on Crisp migration

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)

Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Discussed with kin for LikeCoin Button revamp

  • Choose a direction and wireframe for the button

This week

  • Will design some options for Like Button UI

Aludirk (System Architect)

Last week

  • The initial ISCN specification is now PR on GitHub repo.

This week

  • Work on ISP for article

  • Work on LikeCoin chain ISCN spec

  • Work on ISCN IPLD plugin to implement ISCN spec on LikeCoin chain

ckxpress (Product Designer)

當基進市場遇上區塊鏈——與唐鳳談流動民主 III - chungkin Express
半年前以三篇書評介紹過的神作《Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society》,終於推出正體中文版,書名翻譯為《激進市場:戰勝不平等、經濟停滯與政治動盪的全新市場設計》,由八旗文化出版,唐鳳專文導讀。‌ 半年前的區議會選舉投票日,我以台灣 2018 年底的公投為例子,解釋基進市場提倡的平方投票法如何讓選民自主分配話語權點數到重視的議案,但每投 n 票需要用上 n^2 的點數。到了上期,我再以向每位公民派發 100 話語權點數的理想國為例,解釋公民如何靈活分配不同數量的話語權予一個或多個代議士,實踐流動民主。平方投票法跟流動民主分別透過改善代議政制及一人一票,升級現有的民主體制,兩者都提供公民更大彈性去表達,也同時要求公民學習新的民主形式。更進一步,平方投票法跟流動民主還有可能同時使用,而這也是我跟唐鳳討教時聊到的另一個話題。‌ 流動民主 x 平方投票法 平方投票法跟流動民主混合等於把一維變成二維,一條線變成一個面,需要花點耐心去理解,這裡再以理想國為例,解釋其中一種兩者共用的方式。跟所有公民一樣,Alice 配有 100 點話語權點數,假如 Alice 想要實踐直接民主,可以把點數留在自己手上,對重大議案投票,投 1 票用 1 點,2 票 4 點,3 票 9 點,餘可類推。另外,Alice 也可以把點數委託給代議士代為投票,比如給 Bob 40 點,Carol 30 點,Dave 30 點,當代議士投票時,不是每個議案一票,而同樣是使用平方投票法,靈活地使用 n^2 話語權點數,投 n 票至不同議案。如是者,「流動民主 x 平方投票法」兼備了兩者的優點,讓個體擁有大得多的彈性去表態,為公民充權,有助社會達至公義,但顯然也同時承襲了兩者要求公民明白更多的缺點,而且難度不是兩者之和,更是兩者之乘積。‌ 基進市場的推手雖然都是高端知識份子,但並不完全離地,寫成艱澀難懂的書後也成立了 RadicalxChange——唐鳳和以太坊創辦人 Vitalik… Continue reading 當基進市場遇上區塊鏈——與唐鳳談流動民主 III